The Year Ahead

Its January 10th. How is it January 10th already? We are zooming along at a crazy pace so I thought I’d slow us all down a bit to have a think about the year ahead, before we get there.


This time of year allows us to start again, form new habits and focus on the things that we need to the most. In truth we can do this any time of the year but there’s something about starting a new diary or hanging up a new calendar that seems to inspire us.

I hope to bring you some amazing content in the coming months, here on the blog but also across our website and social networking pages. We have so many products to showcase but its not just about that, I want us to connect personally whether you’re a client or just someone who pops in to have a nosey. So at the end of January our very first You Tube video will be going live….I’m so excited about this. You’ll get to see a little into the life of a Mama, Stationer, Wife Lady trying to run a business and a home at the same time as trying to stay sane. The more I write it the more I’m wondering if this is a good idea?? Oh well, whats the worst that can happen?? So if you do want to witness this possible disaster then keep an eye out for the Vlog.

I hope you’re all having an amazing start to the year and you make it the best one yet.

Speak soon, Laura xx

Laura Birch