New Exciting Things

Progression is a crazy thing! It can be scary as hell, having to take a risk and placing everything you have into a dream praying it comes true. It can be exciting, no bumps in the road just one perfectly exhilarating ride all the way to the finish line. It can however, also be full of bumps, big nasty bumps that trip you up and make you cry causing you to retreat to the world of ice-cream (dairy free of course) and self loathing. 


My journey has been all of those things and more, keeping me on my toes through out. I am however, extremely happy to have reached the finish line and although the journey is far from over, I feel relieved everything is now in place. 



So with that said, Welcome to my new website full of beautiful things, including this blog which to be honest can only get better as we come together and create items of radiance and love (slightly dramatic description)! On here you’ll find everything we offer along with stories of the inspiration behind the collections!


So together let’s raise a glass to it all because my journey has now become yours.


Laura x

Laura Birch