We are the true definition of a home grown business and here is our story

After having my second baby boy, I decided I didn't want to go back to work until my babies were all at school, I wanted to be there to chat about their days and hold their little hands on the way home. When the time came and they were all settled in school, I realised I needed something special to come along to make me want to leave the beautiful bubble we had created. This however I found incredibly difficult, there were no jobs out there that allowed me to have even a little part of my time with my boys and I wasn't happy to leave them for most of the day.

So with that in mind and not a lot of money in the bank I decided I needed to create something that allowed me to keep the most important aspects of my life close to me. I was brought up to believe that anything is possible and if you really want it you'll make it work, you can absolutely turn your dream into your reality. This is exactly what I did, I decided we needed a very tight six months, beans on toast became our best friend, and I got to work creating this little business. Thanks to the support of the people around me and the amazing clients, some who have become good friends, our budding little business is blooming into a beautiful success and I couldn't be happier.